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Northern Karate

Award-Winning Martial Arts since 1972

754 St Clair Ave W
Toronto, ON M6C 1B5

Phone: 416-651-6000
Fax: 416-651-4137

[email protected]

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Quickstart Program - Only $19.95

Start your martial arts journey today! Our low-cost Introductory Program is a great way to begin your martial arts education. 
- 3 private classes
- Evaluation for white belt,
- Certificate & photograph
- Complete Karate uniformBenefits:
- Increases Confidence & Self-Esteem
- Improves Concentration & Academic Performance
- Enhances Self-Discipline
- Great Exercise and Fun for the Entire Family

KinderKarate® Program

Children, 3-5 year old, learn effective street-proofing and life skills in an supportive and fun environment. Emphasis is placed on developing balance, coordination, respect, self-esteem and self-discipline

Green Belt Member Program

Beginners get and stay in shape, while learning important self-defence skills. Tuition includes:
- group classes 7 days a week, year-round
- refresher classes
- special activities
- exams
- student manual
- NKS crest
- discounts for family & friends
- eligibility for intermediate programs

Black Belt Member Program

NKS' Black Belt Member program delivers a wide range of benefits to intermediate students:
- intermediate classes 7 days a week
- seminars, workshops and special events featuring internationally
- renowned martial arts experts
- official heavyweight uniform and crest
- completed safety equipment package
- suspension privileges
- semi-private intermediate refresher classes
- exam fees
- discounts on equipment
- eligibility for advanced courses

Masters Club Program

This highly challenging program provides the greatest range of benefits including:
- advanced classes, 7 days a week
- exclusive seminars, workshops & special events featuring internationally renowned martial arts experts
- official heavyweight uniform and crest
- complete training equipment package
- semi-private advanced refresher classes
- exam fees up to and including first, second, third, fourth, fifth degree black belt - and beyond
- additional suspension privileges
- maximum discount on equipment
- eligibility for more advanced courses

Northern Karate - Special Programs

With a view toward offering our students a balanced program, in addition to our stimulating regular courses, we also provide a broad spectrum of interest-specific workshops including:

Bully Proof®

One in five children is bullied and youngsters say this is their single, biggest fear at school. Learn what you and your child can do about this growing problem through free family workshops.

Camp Black Belt®

Children from beginners to black belts, ages 5 to 15 years begin their day with an invigorating 2 hour class and after lunch, participate in a variety of stimulating afternoon activities including:CN Tower, Bowling, Movies, Ontario Place, Mad Science, Swimming and more...
No Martial Arts Experience Required!!

Cardio Combat®

Northern Karate Schools unique martial fitness program, is a challenging, integrated workout. Choreographed to motivating music, Cardio Combat® combines karate, kickboxing and boxing techniques (performed with and without targets), with strength and flexibility exercises.
Free trial class.

Budo Bliss®

Northern Karate Schools innovative yoga, martial arts and zen fusion is designed to open the body, the mind and the spirit.

Free trial class.

Reality Check®

Free workshops feature street-oriented real defence for the real world and are tailored to the needs of youth, men and women.

Combat Veritas®

NKS’ challenging mixed martial arts program features a dynamic blend of striking, kicking, grappling and submission techniques. Hard-core fitness meets hard-core combat.

Kobudo Training

Traditional weapons training, is a main feature at Northern Karate. Former #1 ranked champion and renowned Kobudo expert Kyoshi Cezar Borkowski has developed a comprehensive program featuring both popular and rarely seen weapons including: bo, eku, sai, tekko, tonfa, kama, tinbe & rochin, nunte and nunchaku.

Tai Chi and Chi Gung

Classical martial arts meet holistic healing at Northern Karate Schools. Call for details.

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