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Eastern Twist

Great Food With a Twist!

505 St Clair West
Toronto, ON M6C 1A1

Phone: 416-531-9305


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Paratha Wraps
Our soft flaky bread crafted with the highest of skill and art to indulge your palate. It is wrapped along with your choice of selection below and garnished to taste with our specially prepared sauces and vegetables. We also offer Whole Wheat Parathas.

Zafrani Palau
Long gained Basmati Rice crafted with the utmost of skill using the finest of herbs and spices topped with Zaffaron making it an envy of other popular Biryanies.

More BBQ's
Grilled Chicken marinated in our special herbs and spices and soaked in yogurt, then grilled to a juicy mouth watering taste. We offer this in either dark or white parts of the chicken.

Noodles in Creamy Coconut Milk
Cream of Coconut cooked in our carefully selected spices and simmered to perfection lending a rich and golden texture and colour. In some parts of the far east it is also called Khaw-Sway. this dish is served on a bed of noodles with your choice of either Chicken or Beef.

Sweet and Sour Chicken
Seasoned in our sauces, the spices are baked to seal in the chicken and then char-broiled. Glazed with Orange Peel and Honey.

Coconut Rice Meal
Served with pickled vegetables, crispy garlic chilli, with your choice of (Fried beef / Bamboo Shoot with Boneless Chicken Breast)


Mango Shake
A delightful blend of mangoes that will take your breathe away.

Creamy yogurt drink. Salty or Sweet. Should you prefer a more flavoured choice, we offer: Mango Lassi

Pop / Water / Nestea / Fruitopia / Juice
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