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Spot On Space Management

Christie St
Toronto, ON

Phone: 416-997-0730

[email protected]

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“Up until you came, I was feeling very claustrophobic in my own home. The children’s toys were everywhere, and I felt as though we were outgrowing our home, and fast. We were looking at bigger places, but knew in our hearts that we could not afford such a step at this point in our lives, what with the never ending expense of 2 daycare arrangements, and Kevin changing careers recently. I felt very uncomfortable in my own home. What bothered me most of all, was that my time was fast approaching to host the neighbourhood dinner gathering, and I was embarrassed to let anyone see my home in its current state.

Then you came along. I must admit, I was a tad nervous about leaving strangers in my home, but knew in my heart that this was going to be worth it. I appreciate how you consulted with me and got an idea of how we utilized (and wished to utilize) our home.

When I got your call saying you were done, I was so eager to find out what you could possibly have done to my small home with its obscure (and limiting) open-concept layout, that I left work immediately. I arrived and was in awe as I entered such a wonderful scene... My main floor looked just like a show home! It was astounding how much room you had created. You had moved around my pictures and created works of art that complimented my furniture. The toys were gone from the main floor, and down in the play room where they belonged. And best of all, you gave me back my dining room!!!! Now I don’t feel like I need to move anymore! Thank you! Thank you! I am thankful every day for your work.

It has been about a month since the life changing day…Sure a few toys have made their way back upstairs, but when we recently hosted my daughter’s birthday party at our home, the toys were easily moved downstairs, the dining room was a life saver, and the family room in the front of the home was so warm and inviting to everyone that attended.

I would recommend this to anyone and everyone!”
-- Nicole Stevenson, Oakville, ON

I so appreciate the change in the energy of my home that has come from 'simply' having what was there seen and re-arranged with new (and clearly innovative) eyes. While what was important for me was honoured, there's a freshness and openness that wasn't there before. Thank you!

- Maralyn Cale, Brampton

“Tina brilliantly changed my life by helping me fix my live/work space, and she did it with grace and a sense of humour. Her compassion matches her passion and she is gifted in her sense of space, functionality and design. I highly recommend her!”
Danny B, Toronto

“As a fairly organized person, I didn’t expect that cleaning out that back room and sorting supplies that were ‘behind closed doors’ would have such an impact on my enjoyment and attitude towards that area of the house. Now when I walk by, I don’t hear that nagging voice reminding me to do the work and making me feel bad. The room seems lighter and I feel a great sense of accomplishment. You're fun to be around and make “The Buddy System” enjoyable work! Thanks Tina!”
 - Tracy Call, Toronto

Tina worked with me on a large, complicated project recently. She brought enthusiasm, intelligence and a practical ‘I’ll take care of it’ approach to the job that I really appreciated.
She’s organized, methodical, logical and has a wonderful, steady energy about her that is a bonus when things get a bit harried and chaotic.
I would heartily recommend Tina for your organizing projects!

Christie B. Morrison
Professional Organizer
In Good Order
Category: Home Improvement   Organizing/Staging Services   
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