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Do It Smart - Do It Local

7941 Jane St - Suite 1A
Vaughan, ON L4K 4L6

Phone: 416-637-8431

[email protected]

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Do It Smart, Do It Local

It's quite simple really. When you are looking to shop, dine, have fun or get involved, do it in your own neighbourhood. Why? Because it's the smart thing to do.

When you support your local merchants you are helping to keep your neighbourhood vital. The dollars you spend in your community are more likely to end up back in your community - as stores are renovated, people are hired and local organizations are sponsored. Everyone does well.

Oh, yes - and you can also save. Sponsors of this program have made specials available to encourage you to support your local businesses.

There are a number of community websites dedicated to the priniples of DIS-DIL - and a good place to start as you decide where to shop, dine, have fun and get involved. If there isn't one in your area let us know and we will see if we can get one started. (Maybe you'd like to help.)

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